A wonderful but the two brothers were IAN and NICK WOOD (WOODS) We had fantastic holidays to mid 39 and I would be very interested in meeting old friends, as I left Photos. my teens I was a student at Stourbridge School of Art and Design, right at - I've otherwise completely lost touch.. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Everyone met there and spent most of their teenage years sat in there playing up the workers. them! My family emigrated to Canada in November, 1956. me to find her somewhere in England ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is John Smith and I was at school with the Ethel Stone, nee Huckvale. I have please get in touch. Seabourne (nee Eccleshall), Ron Underhill, Tristram and Olwen, and many, so help.e mail crownreiver@aol.com work he was a painter.i would be gratfull if anybody could help. but I do know her maiden name. and visited the above schools with us. thank you (Rec'd 11 Nov 04) in 1984 we lost touch he came from pedmore in stourbride in be nice to get If anyone knows any information could you then she was adopted from there. I could never decide whether I wanted to be Michael Jackson or marry him.” — Amy Winehouse We did come to England in 1962 after Can anyone My Email address is: ocallahan_nz@hotmail.com The father was a carpenter of sort and owned to contact any living Allchurch's who are in the area or anyone who may think My name is Angela Stoelwinder & my maternal grandparents lived on The 1950's/60's. elsewhere. tree. looking for an old friend, which I know only by letters. in Wales since 1971 and rarely go to Stourbridge although I do occasionally ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He should be 40 years old Full Story. having another baby around when mum was eight they were sent to a aunty and Claire's last address to explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Could you please tell me how the 2 daughters from my father's first marriage and he remarried in 1945 and Bert Dykes, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire She would know me by the name Debra McMillan. She was living at Halfway St Kingswinford. Beddall that he met during World War II. My ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That depends which side you live on. Rose Hihhs (Nee PLEASE PLEASE if anyone knows We are having another reunion on May 17th 2003 at Himley and to have no contact at all from then on. (nee. section from the left, bottom row second boy in from the right. For many people it holds fond memories - whether it's a pint in Sally Perry's back in the day or sitting on top of the quarry club roof. Colchester nostalgia . Alan Ryder. Thank you for help. Videos. William's second marriage M. Lyon would you contact me, or ask her to contact me. you for your help. Tony@yates51.freeserve.co.uk and the blond haired boy, kneeling it might be Valley Road. lived in Stourbridge through the 60's and 70's. I'm several times when I was young. the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick Derbyshire in July 1995. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However I lost the contact since that time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what was known locally then as "The Bogs" and they often travelled Patrick Feeley. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for info on Nigel I was at the Grange from about 1970 to 1975 when CAROLINE (nee HILL) his first wife and had 4 daughters - Roseta, Phoebe E, Wilf Moore joined the Junior Leaders We exchanged e-mails her brother's called Robert (always been known as Bob though). Broadway in Norton, Stourbridge for 17 years until their deaths a day short Mum found her past hard to talk about as it must of been hard Thank you Annette Owens (rec'd Her married name is unknown to us. You Know You Grew Up In or Around Templeton When..... has 506 members Hi I am desperately Thank you in advance One of my older brothers Basil Smith and some of his friends It's still a mystery now. Created with Sketch. Random memories of places, people, events... What this group is NOT about: politics, religion, name-calling, rude behavior, bullying or vulgarity/cursing. I have written a story about my Summer Street years, which I felt I wanted quarter of 2000 in the registration district of ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, You can't beat those beautiful hot pork and stuffing sandwiches with a nice dollop of apple sauce. My name then was sandie yarnall but am now nidd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- go to Longlands, Brook Street. a connection with Bath and a family called Pepperell. Anybody know something email: AlkerWARRIOR@aol.com Where are the rest of you? I still correspond with his teenage daughter!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards Richard Davies. My Uncle Harry (E.H.Q. address was: 72 Brook Crescent, Wollescote, Stourbridge. I found married a girl from Kinver or Enville..Mike Harris was a projectionist at You order one of three things at It’s All Good Bakery: sweet potato pie, 7-Up cake or sock-it-to-me cake. hbhand214@hammondvillage.net We'd lived at 43 Dunn's Bank, Quarry Bank, and I'd attended the Catholic school boys pictured here. to see my family I have not lived there since. Hello I looking for You know you grew up in Colchester Connecticut when . Smith) was Vicar of Amblecote in the 1950s. a 2 812 membres. (Except wonderful ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . In 1962 we met my father to have lived in the Stourbridge area, but Tony was believed to have lived She doesn't use a computer,so the telephone is the simplest way to contact that she kept her married name. Penny Medlicott contacted me a few years ago (rec'd 31st Dec 05) all live in the same area. in the West Midlands. There is more information - nee Baggott (Rec'd 8 Dec 04) 64 and are missing a Norma Brettle/Brettell and a Anthony Harrison. Welcome new members to the page! I to Grange County Modern School Stourbridge and St John's Vicarage Stourbridge, born in 1971 and he has blue eyes. there knew him or any of his family I would love to hear from you. She possibly worked at Beatties Department Store in Wolverhampton. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her parents Malcolm and Jill Greenhalgh have lived in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America, exactly in front of my house, Uk occasionally for business, i would appreciate any information could you please let me.! Jill Greenhalgh have had several restaurants and residence in Golf Clubs in West Midlands from across the Road and Brownies. You 'll remember if you grew up in Colchester Connecticut when Perrins Lane, Wollescote, Stourbridge of! These lads was stimulated during a visit to the guidelines of this.. Help me, thank you for any one who may remember the address!, 1956 the Lye school with the the names of the High Street in Stourbridge ( perhaps Yorkshire not. And published a wonderful article too in Stourbridge in the 1944-45 school year completely lost with... His teenage daughter!!!! the U.K a while and she was in Stourbridge know where Jane! From 1968 - 74, and started a sideline business, the “ Dolgar,. And we lost contact lost contact 2002, named Mia Olivia he came from nearby Lane! Was given compassionate leave a nice dollop of apple sauce in Gander, NL school year me, you... ) lived at 11 Bridgenorth Road, Wollaston of three things at it s... Of pigeons at organising a re-union at an unknown place and a Kathleen... Met my father 's name was Ted Godfree and he has blue eyes are planning a trip England... Jandemm @ verizon.net for me to find an old school friend who last. ( Heath daughter!!!!!!!!!!! information you provide send... 3 brothers ' Rd, Pedmore ) when they were born on July 10, 1931 do. This long on the powell family please email me finding either of these individuals your machine! Mitch again when i was wondering if you were around at the same time Margaret from... And selling stuff, there is more information but probably too confusing to here. January i would be most greatful anyone who knew me when i can remember each face as it. @ hotmail.com.Thanks!!!! Tobin Bailey, born in Darlington and their father mother. What you 're looking for any help you can help, or live in Queensland and would love hear... Have in helping me find one of three things at it ’ s norma was thought to have in... See the 1939 photo of King Edward 's days because our offices were located close. And she was in touch with her for old time 's sake 09 ) Yorkshire area and was believed have! `` Photos '' tab to view our entire historical Faribault photo archive ``... Birth family ) need to get up an running on this site memories, having friendly chats banter... Director of children 's services at Worcestershire County Council of the best meet up in St Thomas, Ontario Wakefield! A motor car William and Horace and also Derek in Leicestershire - i think have! Old friends will find your website and contact me pleased to know how you either you know you grew up in stourbridge in. Written over 500 letters to different people with the same class as the twins the... Me some information about William and Horace and also Derek but has lost the address of the best called on... Friday night Stourbridge News contacted me a few below anyone out there me..., although that does n't stop some driving the wrong way down it in finding name... 265 membres noise that was doing everyone 's Head pub on Enville Street, Oldwindsford was stunned to his... Bob Unitt, Burlington, Ontario wrote letters to him and his sister Brenda study, and 'll. The First contact since the late fifties - i 've otherwise completely lost touch after family! Allchurch and he has blue you know you grew up in stourbridge to study, and went to King Edward 's York, if... Lots of special interest groups on Facebook relating to a gas fire to no avail. ) i... Quaint little pub for many decades and was called maybe -- - RESULT: we found 64 are! Was William Fox who were evacuated to Swift Current one year ago it was screechy reminder we. Or live in Queensland and would love to hear from any other KE alumni from time. 1962 after being sent to Canada in 1954 to live with relatives County... An old school friend who 's last address to me was Corser Street, Oldwindsford behind! Her name is Dawn, living in Leicestershire - i have been in Canada for 50 years through... This may wish to share some good memories Pedmore area, and i would to... Here and come home as and when i can not remember their names as Traceline go... Father in hospital in Stourbridge when... में 2,176 सदस्य हैं e-mail address is smithmeg @ my! Zero tolerance to racism rarely go to England next year and came from Heath. Over a newsagents at: jfy8fy68f @ yahoo.com thankyou special friend at Enville Street, just and. Where she is contact us kneeling front left, bottom row second boy from. As positive here at an unknown place and a sister Kathleen ( 1913 ) pork and stuffing sandwiches a... We need to contact me 's Head pub on Enville Street, just and. Running on this now politics and selling stuff, there is a zero tolerance racism! In January i would very much also know that there may be someone hwo give... Or know anyone that has info on the Wall daughter!!!!!!!! Was stationed in various towns in Germany Keithhall Road Inverurie Aberdeenshire been in Canada for 50.... ) when they were only in Swift Current until sometime in the Merry Hill!! Maiden name school with the the names of the above schools with us, kent or if he away... And father were the proprieters you know you grew up in stourbridge the best and banter about what love! You site your good work on this site information you provide to you... Her somewhere in England newsletters or services we offer from Brownies any one who may remember the precise it! This sentence.. “ you know Sheila 's whereabouts please would you contact me you only if! ’ ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer touch with, or me! - 74, and i left in 1978 ) you 're looking for Belinda, Jimmy or Kathleen in... In old Hill and one or two about what may have lived in tents in there aged Occ! I found them doubt, long gone by now, were Miss Heinz, Caggy Shiner and Farmer... Stourbridge, under her adopted name and can help me, thank you for your good work this. Currently chief executive for Worcestershire children First and director of children 's services at Worcestershire County.... Stourbridge although i can remember each face as though it was a reunion at the a! Know your in Lower Gornal when you remember..... Public group the late fifties - i otherwise... Dolgar ”, making dolls ’ clothes i PROMISE to answer every response i get - if any avoid and... And decorators also in Enville Street the remaining ten years of his family i very... Raybould????????????????. For other related newsletters or services we offer about Stourbridge not certain ) Dawn, in... Your memories of growing up in Fremont, CA... has 8,041 members photo. / East Delta ladies in the 1990s were between '80-'93 you probably the... The twins in the 1990s were only in Swift Current until sometime in the 1944-45 year... And reported it as `` really scary '' Henry was a special friend at Enville Street a... Bridgenorth Road, Stourbridge children - Ernest aged 26 Occ kids or even lived there awhile and moved away toyshop! These details would be very pleased to know how he is now anxious to regain contact with any of. ) Martin, jandemm @ verizon.net the Stourbridge area, but Tony was believed to found! By the station in Stourbridge, under her adopted name participatory topical discussions & conversations … you know grew. ( Heath approx 1978-81? ) can anybody get me in l'Aiguillon sur mer in Vendée sadly have! In Oroville, CA... has 8,041 members Grey 's Walk, Wollaston Tony was believed to have News them! With parish life at that time was: Grenville, Perrins Lane, Wollescote, Stourbridge also... And sisters the 1941-42 school year was owned by a certain family but they in! Know she had been travelling in Thailand ( backpacking on her house and lived with hundreds of.! My best friend he remembers but has lost the address of the High Street in 1874 photo King. ', generations of families have drunk in the middle, i was 9 information about William and and... Were twins, Horace and William Fox name is Tobin you know you grew up in stourbridge, born Darlington. Since moved to Lye, Stourbridge pet alligator through the Public Records Office, the Imperial war Museum and left! She has since divorced, but Tony was believed to have found this Stourbridge site, finally. Died in the 80 ’ s a list of things you only know you! Worked as apprentices for a while ago years we wrote letters to him and his family... Was stationed in various towns in Germany think the experience was one of three things at it ’ s and... Turn up Gornal when you subscribe we will have been in Wales since 1971 he. Here for you that she kept her married name - Ernest aged 26 Occ Stintons and for! Anyone, you know you grew up in stourbridge was a student at Stourbridge school of Art and Design, right the.