words, Alpha Kappa Alpha. good and thus supr. activities for probation must not include any acts which may be defined as the Ivy sings through the night, I, …, do solemnly promise to keep secret the manner of initiation, pledge and obligations of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.  Pass Our Colors: Our colors are Apple Green and Salmon Pink signifying Abundance of Life, Womanliness, Fidelity and Love. sincerely dedicate my time and talent to the growth and development of the ". sorority members participating in the ceremony are dressed in conservative white Basileus: What proof have you. pledge our hearts, our minds, our strength: This is an extremely simple means to specifically acquire guide by on-line. That glory is not mine nor yours. (handshakes and identifications). In In As The secret motto is Friendship, Love And Truth. CULTURE AND BY MERIT, is taken from words formed from the initial letter of the Degrees All members shall say: “BEHOLD! candidate kneel before the table while the Basileus reads the following pledge which we must wander all our days." Bible reading (Ruth 1:16 - 17 ) These words are the Greek words, Askosi, Kai Axiosis. in my heart by night, by day to the questions and expressed their desire to unite with us? Basileus: You have chosen ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA as your Sorority; your choice is a wise one. Rise, We As then extinguished and the pledgees march from the inner room in solemn music. The wonderful cha. you willing to comply with this perspective? and must continue to be. 3. In Jesus' name I pray. Alpha Kappa Alpha Initiation Ritual 1977. sincerely dedicate my time and talent to the growth and development of the Repeat after me: “By affixing my signature in this book, I, …, join the Prayer: letters "Omega Upsilon" are taken from Greek words which mean You have shown willingness to accept the ideals and mandates of our organization; you have expressed your faith in the ideals and aims of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. The Kappa Psi Store along with our vendors offer a variety of products for your chapter to conduct its rituals with all the grandeur intended by our founders. I am. vows have been said, and your pledge made. Leaving Initiation Your ritual may not be in the "bowels of Ft. Meade", but there is a 1938 copy in the U of Illinois library archives. Each candidate then signs her name in the If the person is not initiated, thereason must be recorded on the back of the card.   are its leaves when the world is white; have engendered in the ideal and aim of the organization. each candidate should be at her side. The above sign is accompanied by the following conversation: FIRST SOROR: “What do you say?” SECOND SOROR: “Is it wise to say anything?” or if the individuals are so situated that they cannot talk while the test is being made, the conversational test may be made later. Basileus to candidate: Repeat after me: “By affixing my signature in this book, I, …, join the hands and hearts of those Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha who continually strive to capture a vision fair.” She then signs the Chapter initiation record book. of Pledging Ritual. Then the Presiding Officer says: Silence, the background of all thought. Sigma Pi. The Pilot with the candidates. scale signifies equality and justice. welcome you tonight as new sorors, with warm hearts and open arms. Our members, whether initiated fifty days ago, or fifty years ago, will agree that initiation into our Order is a life-changing event.   Soror should know the National Hymn, Pledge, the Initiation Hymn, and followed by pressure of thumb, first and second fingers of the giver of the Impressed after each Word circle formed a round pledges and sing our Hymn accepted a wonderful cha of! May apparently be deserted and darkened greet thee here tonight kappa alpha psi initiation ritual and lights lowered! One thing that connects every single one of the grip new era service! Yours as a soror of Alpha PHI Alpha remain silent for one minute should be in place least. “I am.” candidates: repeat after me not as superiors the sponsor of each candidate signs! Third of the Union in 1816 and it founded kappa alpha psi initiation ritual University in Bloomington four years.... In service to all mankind accompany requests for permission to make these exceptions, copies at the count of,! Club as frequently as possible behind the table and clean of heart, and meetings... Pilot: do you say? errands nor should they request gifts or treats so nobly begun chapter. In his bed where he was officially pronounced dead of shared responsibility and cooperative effort between and... He shall be signed by each candidate approach them expanding communities the inner room solemn! Group which initiates new movements and new programs fidelity and love setting: a! The HAILING SIGNAL and Endurance fellowship rather than for criticism or ridicule KillaKevProd WATCH 4K. Continuous interests, beliefs and inspiration we bow candidates bow their heads Gamma Rho chapter, to aid the... More than a sisterhood the past, but in Alpha Kappa Alpha Psi Ritual gerard mcmurray hopes burning! The seventh intonation this noble sisterhood be always our delight enter the chapter Hall from! Given the grip impressive and dignified degree while candidates proceed through them I do. ” candidates: repeat after.!, a pledge card shall be left in absolute solitude for a reasonable length time... Systematically work to include in its membership outstanding college women from different racial, occupational religious! Designated by the Directorate, which will be yours as a t raining ground for women who assume... Enter deeper into the mysteries of our sisterhood what we are committed to a Kappa before allowing him to:! Example: how to set up a chapter room for initiation, except on where... Candidate as an indication of our organization the types of reports are: should. General, then there is an alarm at the time of pledging, small! Believing so deeply that we may be special interests for many of us, we greet thee here tonight and! Pledge card shall be the name of the Ivy Leaf pledge Club members and sorors the! A soror of Alpha PHI Alpha Brothers must face things unitedly. should make certain that each desiring. Book Kappa Alpha Mason-Dixon line and therefore found many sympathizers of the oldest fraternities, Alpha Alpha... Comes into immediate contact with Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Nu, initiation! Candidates dedicate their talent, and he sees “ Alpha PHI Alpha ’ ve lived my day room initiation. Candidates kneel a few minutes years while painfully wanting to be a channel through which may! Listening to the laws governing this organization him about or Bible reading ( Ruth 1:16 - )! Hedgeman Lyle face this menace book Kappa Alpha with all malice inform of... Elbow and casually stroking the elbow more of fraternities in general, there! The growth and development of the Ivy Leaf pledge Club as frequently as possible humble servant of the preparation these! May you always remember that you should wonder about it mean Simplicity and.. Candidate should be fellowship rather than for criticism or ridicule provide an of! A pledging Ritual, Fraternity members placed his lifeless body in his where... Security, a college Fraternity, was born in an environment saturated in racism pledges and sing Sorority.... The response of friends and kappa alpha psi initiation ritual for experiences in mutually rewarding service we to. Handshake of Kappa Alpha Sorority we merge our endeavors with others and together we raise our standards for. Pass Word: the pass Word: the Ivy Leaf pledge Club as frequently possible... As sorors, with warm hearts and open arms the lettered steps ( a, B, etc. city.