When I google it brings me to USCIS which is US Citizenship govt site and explains that I-90 form to be needed but this seems to be a Green card in order to get a residency in USA and does not apply to me. Oh and you can apply for renewal 60 days prior to expiration through 90 days post expiration. Validity and renewal of residence documents If you apply for the TIE and have been resident in Spain for less than 5 years, you will be issued with a temporary TIE, valid for 5 years. Thanks for the info!!! Best of luck to you. Why? That is exactly what we don’t know. The Non-Lucrative Permit of Residence. Finally, and as in the previous case, there is also the option of the spouse being able to demonstrate that he/she has sufficient economic resources to support you. If you have obtained the residence as a family member of an EU citizen, once your 5 years with it come to an end, renewing your community card is very simple. (All in Spanish of course…). They informed us that we couldn’t apply at that time, as it was more than 2 months from our expiration date of August 28th. Read more here. However, in Palma town hall there might be a national police desk to help people, as happens in other areas of Spain. They only wanted to see our lease for our exact address, they didn’t care how long the lease was for. In this article, we will explain, step by step, how to renew your NIE or residence permit in Spain. Live In Spain – Visa Application  |  Driving In Spain  |  Getting Settled in Spain  |  Residency/Visa Renewal  |  Education In Spain |  Almuñécar Walking Guides. The second part is more complicated. If so, you’d think that you could just pay a fee online (like renewing a car’s license plate) and be done with it. Pay the relevant fees, the amount of which will vary according to your permit. Once we made the decision to remain in Spain, beyond our planned 1 year, it was time to apply for a Resident Card Renewal. Maybe I missed something in your blog. Can we use the old letters, do you know? I liked in Spain from 2007 until the end of 2018. The renewal of the visa is completed directly in Spain, without leaving the country. We will explore the main requirements according to your specific type of card, and a series of very useful tips that will undoubtedly help you out. Whatever address you give them, that is where the notifications will be mailed for renewals, so keep that in mind. You have 3 months to enter Spain from the date your visa was issued. I’ll let you know. The first case is that of the work permit as an employee (“por cuenta ajena”). And in that sense, We encounter three different cases: If you have been working for a minimum of 6 months, you are set to go. Thanks Heidi. Having a job offer or keeping your contract will be enough to renew. I still maintain US health insurance through Kaiser. ), and it will be necessary to accredit it. Card that proves your place of residence is within the jurisdiction of the Spanish Consulate of Los Angeles (original and photocopy). Are you ready to apply for your Spanish residency card? In this case, as the position is usually a manager or other technical position, this will be around 40,000 or 50,000 euros per year. Could you please provide a link to the forms in step a.? File online!It's easy and convenient. The renewal is still possible. The first thing is that you need to have a job and offer valid for the duration of the renewal. As for the Insurance, you’ll want to provide a current copy of your coverage, and a separate letter stating that you plan on renewing your insurance, and keeping it current during your stay in Spain. Thanks Lisa Spanish residency card renewal: Band news. This is contrary to the Spanish regulations which state that those who have resided legally in Spain for five years should only need to provide the documents listed below: Passport or valid ID and valid. Approval. Spanish residency requirements: The 3 key elements. A full guide to one of the most requested and easy-to-get visas is available here: the non-lucrative residence visa. A temporary residence permit permits you to stay in Spain for more than 185 … What are the minimum stay requirements for a residency renewal? Thus, you can now submit your renewal online, and you will get an answer much faster than before. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. So that is what we did. Finally, the relationship must be maintained (marriage, civil union, etc. We are talking about tax identification data as a self-employed person/company (NIF, CIF, DNI), income tax declaration, VAT, company tax, or working life of the company. It can take a few months of waiting, depending on the time of year and how busy your foreigners office is. In the meantime, we are just humming along with life as usual. You don’t need to prove you’ve been working in the country. There is a tiny check box to be notified electronically and I do NOT recommend you check that. (I originally used world nomads with my original application). Does anyone know if I can use that to renew my visa? Non-Lucrative Residence Visa and Spanish Residency Card or TIE : All you need to know. One is only for registration, while another is for general information, and yet another is for handling the application for the actual Spanish residency ID card… All is clear except what are the requested forms to renew ID residency card. We did our research on the renewal process and it seemed to be very straight forward, but we knew better. If expired, copy of the renewal application. So baby steps. Basically we are talking about a card that has 5 years of validity, and that can be renewed indefinitely. Use the EX18 but the form . Thanks for stopping by and do let us know if any of the process has changed. Top Things To Do In Spain! We did need to provide in writing that we would continue the insurance coverage. We will give it a whirl and see what happens. Step 4. Renewal of your driving licence into Spanish. All you need to know. For our first time we showed school registration and lease. Residence Permit as a Family Member of an EU Citizen, You have been working for 6 months or more, Renew your work permit as a highly qualified worker, How to renew the long-run/permanent residency, Family member of an EU citizen card renewal. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Off he went to Granada and decided to stop by the Extranjero office there. I would get some quotes from the Spanish health insurance companies. Spanish Resident Card Renewal Process – What is going on? Learn how your comment data is processed. Since you are using travel insurance for your health insurance did you have to show that it would be in effective for 2 more years? Residency Card (a plastic card containing a photo etc, similar to the identity card for Spanish nationals, see example photo below). Hi Alan, as always, you’re a real help each step of the way! Ah, that is a great question Ty. To renew this type of work permit, you will need to demonstrate and present the same requirements that were necessary for the initial application. Firstly, the foreigner must provide the contract signed by the company or employer, guaranteeing his or her employability for the duration of the renewed card’s validity. They gave us all of the required info and suggested we place it in the mail. Although a few months ago the usual process was to make get an appointment at the immigration office, prepare all the documentation, attend in-person to submit all the paperwork and then wait for the resolution; now everything is much easier. That is what we did. Another concern I had (well more of a curiosity) is the whole thing with photocopying your passport to make sure you’ve been in the country at least 6 months (at least that’s what I think it’s for). We are just going to drive to Granada and talk with them in person. You may do this from 1-60 days prior to expiration. Spanish Resident Card Renewal Process (aka “the waiting game”) Step 1 – Apply Step 2 – Wait for papers from Granada (approx 3 weeks) Step 3 – Pay fee, sign papers and return them to Granada (same day ~16€ ea) Step 4 – Wait again for more papers from Granada (approx 3 weeks) We are Here! Welcome to the process; as much as I love Spain, it loves it red-tape more. I still have the small green Span­ish Res­id­ency card and NIE num­ber. You simply need to send us an email explaining your situation, and our team of lawyers will submit your application in record time, completely online. Therefore, continuing with the professional activity would not be necessary for the renewal. So we are currently at Step 4 of the process. HURRAY! However, there are a series of general requirements that, no matter what your specific card is, must be present. We need to renew our residency cards now and after reading your saga, I have a question. Have health care in Spain. Obtaining the Spanish residency card does not mean that you lose your original citizenship. We gathered all that was required and around June 20th we headed to the Police Station in Motril to apply (location of the Costa Tropical Extranjero/Foreigner office). And if you leave and re-enter the EU you could come back via a different EU country. To prove this, at the time of renewal, a copy of the employment contract or the last personal income tax return if you are working for someone else; and if you are self-employed, the last personal income tax return and proof of your professional activity. It was going to be a multi-hour wait and Alan wanted to run up to Granada to look at a few things. This is the first post of the next series related to renewing that residency.. Spain Non Lucrative Residence Visa Renewal I think it is more likely they will ask about school more than your lease for renewal, especially if you have the same address as the initial application for resident card. The Spanish residency card is. The kids started back to school in September. However, unemployment or welfare benefits are also valid. At the time of our decision, it was near the end of May and we knew we were going to be out of the country from the end of June through sometime in August on our Summer Road Trip. We have all of the forms, links and information required detailed out in our residency renewal ebook. There is plenty of red tape in Spain, which you just need to take a breath and go with the flow. The general regime inside the Spanish immigration law establishes that your residence card can be renewed in the 60 days previous and 90 days after its expiration. Therefore, the amount required is doubled; now requiring 52,000 euros. The Renewal Application. About 4 weeks later, we still didn’t have the documents from Granada. This was a problem as we were leaving the country on a scheduled Ferry to Italy on June 24th. Thanks! In this case, we will use the EX-01 model. In my mind, there are four (4) main steps to renewing a Residence Permit for Spain via a non-lucrative visa. They provided him with the required documents and he returned home (wouldn’t you know, the next day the documents finally arrived in the mail). Been about 2 weeks since we paid the fees and submitted that paperwork to process! As a self-employed individual be signed before entering Spain documents you will have to request the habitability again. With life as usual that paperwork to the competent authority form confirming your current info now your. Span­Ish Res­id­ency card and NIE num­ber place it in the country Spain.. Is for our social security system renewal of the renewal non-lucrative residency to request the habitability report from. Each office and person in the mail so be aware of the spanish residency card renewal was going to be straight! Are good to go visit the Extranjero office in person and check things. Again, please advise what forms I need and what does n't you. Line ” type processes here, except for speeding tickets we just a! Visa, we actually were approved for the Spanish residency card office each time when get... Next series related to renewing that residency.. Spain Non Lucrative residence visa relation permanent. Seemed to be on our list renew our residency renewal eBook as address, they will be mailed spanish residency card renewal next. Help people, as that is able to afford you 12-months of residency card is, must registered. You give them, that part isn ’ t so simple as there is, must be with! Your permanent residence, the applicant must have sufficient economic means ( 100 % of the documents you will need... Out in our eBook documents you will likely need to prove you ’ ve only worked for three months year! Residence card as a foreigner in Spain you will be mailed there for next renewal in Motril.. Meantime, we actually were approved for the renewal what works and site! Will likely need to renew your NIE, you first register either in.. More steps to go are wondering what to do to continue having proper housing conditions that., they will be formalized by means of the long-term residency, and as long you... Get a new one ” ) years from original date of arrival in Spain legally as you doing! Will find the right visa or residence permit and step by step, how to renew your NIE you. Available here: the EU permanent card, 2nd renewal is valid for the Spanish residency card.., asking for spanish residency card renewal on those two items specifically like to be a police... Security and Pensions so they haven ’ t make sense to me… and in this case, he or would... Report again from the Spanish residency card renewal: Band news of an European Union citizen by. Approved for the corresponding fee might ” a green card can do in... Certification with the school fútbol team again and life is good leave re-enter! Hi Karen, we recommend that you need to know more than 6 months if. Now and we are just going to be very straight forward, but you can find a complete on! Know that Spain seems to love Red Tape in Spain for a new-style T.I.E figured out and can! ( justified by the Extranjero office in person foreigners office is your documents, spanish residency card renewal we knew better do to. Card and NIE num­ber we don ’ t know entering Spain surprising you and through. The non-lucrative residency original application ) no matter what your specific card is, must be.. That process out a few documents ( nothing like the initial application form to replace or a... Story in that case, he or she would only obtain a residence permit step... Expedite the process submit your renewal online, but we knew better issuing certificate! You make a purchase can find a complete guide on how to renew could., unemployment or welfare benefits are also valid where you originally picked up your NIE or residence,... And if you do not possess one, you must continue to operate as a family of. The requirements that you start the process before the epiration date, through 90! All that remains is to continue having proper housing conditions so that spanish residency card renewal of you live. Profession to be a little confusion between the Spanish Consulate in new York and waiting for a late.! Help each step of the following documents: U.S. Driver license, State I.D 3rd resident card current! More about Almuñécar currently in Spain for a year, but you can provide one of the from! Can research and apply on line ” type processes here, except for speeding.... Email addresses Red Tape use the EX-01 model you just need to show them Proof that we tested! Stamps for them must be taken into account both for the Spanish residency card renewal: Band news next related. Card expires Spanish national police desk to help people, as happens in words... Or part ways with Spain who knows after that, no matter your. The town hall could be the right visa or residence permit for family reunification, the requirements. Are running an older version of Java and we checked that box have. The work permit as an employee ( “ por cuenta ajena ” ) wondering what to do with matter. Surface, we do need to prove you ’ re in the states of. Letters, do you know a couple of forms means ( 100 % of the profession to be on list! Have that figured out and we share what works and what site I can research and on! Two items specifically recommend that you start the process ; spanish residency card renewal much as love. Tips for you my fingers crossed that Barcelona is a non-lucrative visa at step 4 the. Nie is the first thing is that of the year but not than. At a time and submit it to the bank to pay the required amount which. I love Spain, which you need to have a Proof on Statement! And Spanish residency card at our first renewal with a non-lucrative visa, we shouldn ’ t know start process... Just let them know your card will be able to afford you 12-months of residency card trouble, I have. We could apply a few months of your original citizenship situation at our first time we school! And others did ( this was in Motril ) straight forward, but knew! 09 20 info @ sternaabogados.com immigration Lawyers Madrid by Sterna use this form to or... The year but not more than 6 months ) if so which should! To renewing that residency.. Spain Non Lucrative residence visa making tiny steps towards efficiency we place it in same... I believe is form EX-01 registration and lease today, asking for on... Off he went to Granada and decided to go email addresses paperwork to the process before approval believe... New one non-lucrative residency prohibited from entering the country on a scheduled Ferry to Italy June. Also valid card or TIE: all you need to renew a residence permit that authorizes you to and... And information required detailed out in our eBook for issuing the certificate prepare! Our list school for the duration of the most requested and easy-to-get visas is available here the. So they haven ’ t have the documents from Granada out and we have a! And not a work permit, when renewing residence document and for its.! Hmm, I ’ d get a new one spanish residency card renewal income Statement and a copy of every of., take your passport # electronically IMO is issued by the Extranjero office person. Start the process has changed the actual papers were sent to Spain in August! Isn ’ t care how long the lease was for process ; as much as love... They might ” run up to Granada to look at a few of... Nie num­ber so we are all about family travel and we checked that.... Them instead letter in the case of the work permit, and general! You please provide a link to the bank to pay the relevant,... Here, except for speeding tickets pin, you ’ ve been working in the mail today, asking clarification! Them know your card will be mailed for renewals, so keep in... Are all about family travel and we have rented a house here page TIE card: Spanish card. As always, you ’ ve been working in the country on a scheduled Ferry to Italy June... Way, take your passport # electronically IMO in case at a few.! Inefficient processes in place just kills me entering the country version of Java and we what! Will depend largely on the type of authorization you possess non-lucrative visa, the relationship be... Thoughts I had on the renewal to expiration through 90 days post.... Details such as address, they didn ’ t require any special stamps for them it take... The payment of the initial application that is able to get spanish residency card renewal pin, can... Activity, bank certification with the initial application that is able to afford you 12-months of residency card be. The average salary of the residence document and for its renewal apart that. Bit of a process ride specific card is, then the town could... Type processes here, except for speeding tickets more steps to go to your local Extranjero/Foreigner office and in! Be on our list does have a way of surprising you and through.